"Konka Shouaizome®” Indigo Dye Studio

Customized by Shouaizome Konka®

We provide an elaborate “stitch by stitch” dye, assuming the image of the completed dying.  Depending on the difference in spot-dye and stitch design techniques, individualized patterns can be produced.  We will ask our customers’ taste or preference, such as patterns with inherent Japanese attraction or modern patterns which match the interior design regardless of the ephemeral fashions.  Thus, we can provide a stitch dye to our customers’ favorite items.  Each time a beautiful pattern appears after we remove the threads at the end, we get a fresh and touching sensation.  You will be impressed with the beauty of a single item as well as the warmth of hand-stitching.  Please order for your favorite single item.

*We can receive customized orders for original hand towels or shop curtains.  We can provide a quotation, based on our customers’ preference in materials.