"Konka Shouaizome®” Indigo Dye Studio

Shouaizome Konka®: Indigo Dye Studio


     “Shouaizome” is produced by an indigo dye with 100% natural indigo pigments based on traditional Japanese technique. The pigments contain the leaves of a species of knotweed.


     To make them, water and the mixture ferments are added to the dried leaves, after about 100 days producing a dye material called “sukumo”.

Then, we combine the "sukumo" with an alkaline lye made from wood ash, and let them ferment in a pot to create the indigo dye— “putting up the indigo.”

Finally, we feed the fermentation with shell ash and bran. We make no use of synthetic indigo or any artificial chemicals, but exclusively engage in natural fermentation using traditional ingredients.


     The blue produced through the fermentation process changes day by day, so no two items dyes are exactly alike, but each is a unique variation of the natural beauty of indigo. Paying careful attention to the state of fermentation, we dye each item by hand through repeated exposure to the dye. Only a few items can be dyed at once through this method, but we are committed to natural ingredients and careful manufacture.



Shouaizome is said to have antibacterial, insect-repelling, deodorant, and skin-soothing effects.

Darkly dyed clothing is also UV-repellent, and also increases the durability of the fabric.


A "sukumo"

Alkaline lye
Shell ash